Infront of the camera!

I’m usually quite shy, I do take many many pictures, but mostly of littlefoot! and very occasionally feature in them myself. My confidence is pretty low, with my health being fairly poor at the moment and waiting on help with my weightloss… tonight I asked my husband to take so photos of me.. the reason? well, just to make me realise i’m prehaps not AS bad as I see myself in my head! lol

I’m quite pleased with the pictures, it takes alot of courage for me to ‘pose’ and it doesn’t happen that often. I am also growing my hair long so it’s in that dreaded in between stage!

So without further ado here they are….


3 thoughts on “Infront of the camera!

  1. Laura, you are absolutely lovely.
    These pictures show a smiley, pretty young woman who clearly adores her baby. Please have the belief in yourself that you are fabulous.
    From our interaction on Twitter I can tell that you are a genuine, thoughtful person – these qualities are at your core and many people would be very envious of such natural qualities. Please stop giving yourself a hard time and believe in you and your family.
    In admiration
    Michelle (CreatingMedia on twitter)x

  2. It is so easy to beat yourself up emotionally. You have a natural beauty and hope we can tweet and I can get to know you better. Next step – go and have a boudoir photo session, fantastic for the ego and I am much bigger than you and have struggled with similar feelings from time to time. You are lovely

    • thanks for reading honey, im off to read your blog now 🙂 im around on twitter alot now so looking forward to getting to know you more 🙂

      Michelle – you make me smile 🙂 xx

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