Teething Tantrums….

Yes that’s right…. why did no one tell me that 7 month olds could get anger tantrums? I have had possibly THE worst week iv’e had with Littlefoot since he was born!

Screaming, whining, crying, THE most horrific nappy rash he’s had and all for the sake or 2 teeny baby teeth coming through!

It seemed he was teething since he was just 2 months old, constant dribble, chewing his hands but now I know, that was NOT teething for him… as this week with the flushed cheeks and general clingyness I now know what teething is lol.

What he’s been doing the last few days is screetching really high pitched and if he does’nt get something he wants he shouts, not cries, he shouts in anger, you can hear how pissed off he is!! I did not think a baby of his age could get anger issues like that! very interesting to say the least!

Luckily he is all swaddled, fed, milked, calpol’d out in his cot, I just hope he sleeps longer than the last few weeks.

I can feel his 2 bottom teeth now, jagged and sharp but I dont think you can properly see them yet.

Other new things he is doing is pulling himself up to his walker toy, onto his knees. I can’t believe how quick he is growing!

Look out for upcoming posts, including how to make a yummy Lemon Drizzle cake!


3 thoughts on “Teething Tantrums….

  1. Yep it’s official! Teething is NO fun for them or for us! And just as he gets through this stage and calm returns the next lot start to appear! Good old calpol hey? It will pass soon tho.
    He is still a cutie pie though love him xx

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