Friendships – Mummyships

Iv’e always been a laid back person and found it quite easy to make friends in the past but once you have a baby, everything changes, I mean everything! (of course I still have my good friends from before, its just harder to do things now)

When I was trying to get pregnant and during the long road of ups and downs that is pregnancy and losing babies, I belonged to a fantastic baby website where I made many friends from but specifically it has given me 2 really good friends (and a lots of supportive friends who I haven’t actually met).

Kat – I met her through my birthclub and she has been there for me from baby advice to even suffering with the same joint condition. She has 3 wonderfully gorgeous boys who I love and I love spending time with her but she lives quite far from me.  She came up for the day once with her youngest and we chatted (and ate chinese) all night! since then I also went with her to Legoland which I also blogged about.

Charm – Charm is like my sister, i also met her online and we have been talking since early pregnancy. Iv’e never felt so comfortable with anyone like I have with her before (with the exception of my husband of course 😉 ) She travelled up to see me (along with her boyfriend, puppy and beautiful 6 month old daughter) I really didnt want her to leave, it was sad. Now we are planning to meet up again very soon, shes like a magnet!

These two I wouldn’t have found if it hadn’t been from being a mummy, not only have I now got a gorgeous son, I also have some amazing friends and people I can turn to in a baby crisis!!

I love my friends, all of them, baby or no baby 🙂 but im so glad I found my new friends too 🙂

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