Now here is something I really need help with.. I have a bright loving 7 month old who has never had a problem being left with various people, would have milk from anyone and be cuddled to sleep quite happily by anone.

Whats changing???

I have just had the bath from HELL and it’s not the first.. the last 4 or so baths haven’t lasted for more than 5 minutes due to the ear curdling screams from my son. I place him quite happily in the bathroom with me, on the mat, with various toys and his dummy.. but the second my toe touches the water he screams his head off.. and we arn’t talking moany whingy crying, we are talking red face , teary, break your heart want to pick him up and snugglle him crying… I just don’t understand.

I don’t run the water with him in there, its not loud or stressful and when i get out and pick him up he stops screaming!!

I can’t shower because we don’t have one and bathing during his naps isn’t always an option.

Can anyone please shed any light on this?


2 thoughts on “Clingyness

  1. Sounds like he is not being so much clingy but more protective as if he is worried becuase he doesnt quite understand whats going on only that it is blocking him from you…

    Thats my guess

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