3 Weeks to come…

So with my husband busy away working solidly for the next few weeks i’m going to be focusing more on my blog as I feel it’s been slightly neglected in recent times.

I have a few reviews of some interesting products lined up aswell so keep an eye out for those!

I went round my friend Tonyas house today, I love watching how her little girl interacts with Luke and also how Luke loves looking (and trying to reach) at her little boy who is almost 3 months!

Its funny how time flys by so quickly, seems like only yesterday we were both trying for our babies! and now here they are two healthy gorgeous boys, in the same year! how fun is that!

This pic is of Luke (7 Months) , Koren (almost 3) and Mitchell (almost 3 Months)

After being at Tonya’s I headed over to my mums for dinner as I frequently do and Luke seems to be learning so much so fast! He can now immitate us when we make clicking sounds and he kept rolling over upsidedown on purpose and he also is becoming better at crawling!

We fed him a variety of food tonight but his favourite bit was the teeny bit of Kinder Bueno he had, as you can see!

After a long hard eating session (lol) we found him dozing off on the highchair, which of course I had to photograph!

After all the excitement, and the very short nap, he found comfort with his grandma hugs, which are the best!


2 thoughts on “3 Weeks to come…

  1. Love the mess he made with the chocolate! Burton only fell asleep once at the table when he was justvstarting out on food in his bumbo, never done it again! I hope the next 3 weeks fly by for you both xx

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