My Birth Story *Luke Ashley Weight*

I thought now would be a good time to share my birth story with you all, some may have heard it but I thought I should write down so i dont forget.

Last year was a rough one, many things happened, including losing 2 sets of twins, first in feb 09 resulting in an ERPC and then straight after I fell pregnant again and in April 09 I misscarried one naturally then discovered there was another baby in there but sadly it was in the wrong place and I had surgery to remove it, along with my left fallopian tube.

Being heartbroken at so much loss I was desperate to try again and so we did, the first month after surgery we didn’t catch it but that was for the best as we were told to wait a few months, I was just in a difficult place but luckily my body didn’t let me conceive until it was ready.

I had discussed with my husband, fiance at the time and we had decided that after that coming month we hadn’t fallen pregnant that we would wait a year before trying again, lo and behold our little miracle was conceived! We found out on my dads birthday 14th July but we couldn’t tell anyone after the heartbreak of the twins, we wanted to wait for a scan.

We were over the moon as we were told due to having only one tube left it would be harder to fall pregnant but it happened straight away!

We didn’t let ourselves get too excited to start with as we didn’t want the heartbreak again, so I was booked in for many scans because of the ectopic.

At 5 weeks i saw a little sac, it was there a tiny life, just the one but exactly how it should be. Then I went for a 7 week scan and the baby was nicknamed ‘flashyblob’ as thats exactly what I saw! the best sight in the world seeing a heartbeat.

9 weeks Aaron and I went down to St Thomas’s hospital and in that scan it was amazing, we saw a vague shape of a baby with little stubby arms and legs but it was MOVING, i was so overwhelmed. Thats when it started to sink in, my baby might be ok!

12 week scan was all clear, baby moved alot and the down syndrome test came back as very low risk. The 20 week scan was the best ever, she asked us if we wanted to know the sex and we said yes and she told us he was a little boy! there was no denying that fact! his profile was perfect and I was even more in love with my teeny bump!

I also paid to have a 4D scan which was amazing and we had a clear view of him the whole scan and he even seemed to smile and stick his middle finger up! cheeky boy already!

I wasn’t that well during my pregnancy, although I had no morning sickness at all, my Hypermobility Syndrome was playing up bad and i had SPD on top of that and was on Oramorph, Cocodamol and Tramadol for the pain. By 30ish weeks I couldnt get out and about alone so mainly stayed in.

When I was 32 weeks pregnant, I married my husband in a lovely little ceremony with all our friends, though by the evening I was shattered from carrying my huge bump around!

33+6 I wasn’t feeling well so I went to the doctors to have a urine test. Everything came back clear but just because I was 33 weeks pregnant they sent me up the hospital. I was monitored and so was baby and all was fine and they were just about to let me go when the midwife decided to do an internal and to everyones shock, I was 3 cm dialated!!!! no contractions though.

So there it was, I was admitted and when checked 4 hours later, i was 4cm but still no contractions! They told me I wasn’t allowed home until the baby was born but said it could be a few days or anything up to 6 weeks!! I wasn’t happy at all and quite fed up not knowing what was going on. My parents and my friend came to visit on the saturday night and when my parents went, my friend Amy stayed a little while (til she was kicked out!) I went and had a shower and was having wierd back pains and came out in a horrible red rash all over my body but the nurses just said it was because it was hot in there.

No one listened to me, I have a high pain threshold because of my HMS so when I say to people i’m in pain, it means I’m in alot of pain. I also don’t like bothering people so instead of pressing the buzzer I walked down to the nurses station to tell them I was hurting. They told me I couldn’t possibly be in labour because I was walking and talking!

They gave me 2 sleeping tablets and told me to go sleep it off (this was about 10pm on sat 13th Feb) I went and layed down and tried to sleep but the pains suddenly came on stronger so this time I did call the buzzer and eventually the midwife hooked me up to the monitor and couldnt get the baby to stay still enough to do a reading, everytime he moved i was in agony… yet no contractions were showing on the machine.

I had had enough by this point and started sobbing to the midwife who called for the consultant who then did a *very painful* internal. The look on her face told it all really, I was 9cm dialated and it had taken that long before someone would take me seriously! I called my husband in tears because he was in london and I knew full well he would miss the birth but he reasured me things would be ok and hed be up first thing in the morning, then I called my mum and told her if she wanted to see her grandson be born she needed to rush! lol

I got wheeled through to the delivery suite. I was 34 weeks and luckily had had 2 lots of steroid injections just incase he was born early and I had also been shown around the SCBU aswell in preperation.

When I got to delivery, I was transfered onto the bed and from there things go hazy, I was already fighting 2 sleeping tablets and 2 codiene and then had a pethedine shot and gas and air!! All this was happening about 1am and my mum and dad made it to the hospital in a very speedy 15 minutes! (from asleep in bed!) Dad went downstairs and mum stayed with me. It wasn’t long at all until I felt a great urge to push and my midwife talked me through pushing and stopping so she could guide him out – whilst I was trying to sleep through my 1 minute apart contractions! haha

His head came out at 03:39am closely followed by his body at 03:40am on Valentines day (14th February 2010) weighing a respectable 5lbs 10oz at 6 weeks early. My mum saw him come into the world and my dad saw him minutes after as he was placed on my chest under my nightie for a very quick cuddle before being whisked off to SCBU.

I thought it was all over but the midwife handed me the gas and air again…. turns out he had been born with his hand against his face and had ripped all inside and out and i needed alot of stitches which wer’nt pleasant!

I was then told to go have a lavender bath so mum helped me, much to my embarrasment – but i had just given birth so I didnt really care! lol

I got to see my son Luke Ashley Weight approx 1 hour after he was born in SCBU where I was then left alone with him as my mum and dad drove to Essex to pick my husband up.

Turns out I had strep B but no one knew and Luke had a chest infection caused by it, alongside jaundice so had 3 lots of light therapy and 3 lumbar punctures during his stressful 10 day stay in hospital but he was finally discharged on the 24th February after Aaron and I spent the night with him alone in SCBU.

Luke is now a happy healthy 19lb 7 month old! you would never tell he was prem, he can sit up and stand aided and is very strong (and noisy!) and he is the spitting image of his dad now when he smiles!

It’s been a long journey but now we have our miracle and look forward to possibly one more in a few years time (although i’m high risk of twins and thats scary!)

I have been told that im very likely to have a premature baby again due to my joint condition, I just hope I can hold it til after the 34 week mark!

Thanks for reading! Its been an emotional year! Happy to say in the last 7 months Iv’e got married, had a baby and got a house and now my lovely husband has got a new job so is moving in with us full time 🙂 im so excited!!!

If you would like to see my birth video (not gory) here is the link

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3 thoughts on “My Birth Story *Luke Ashley Weight*

  1. I will never tire of hearing that story – and I was THERE for some of it!
    Such an honour.
    Thank you for our precious Grandson – and a lovely Son-in-Law!
    love – as always – Mum x & Dad x

  2. My goodness, what a story! Congratulations on your beautiful son, he is gorgeous. It sounds like you were put through the wringer, from before your pregnancy right up to him coming home from hospital. Well done on getting through it all so well. My own son was born just a couple of weeks before him, fortunately in a much more straightforward manner. Seems like we are both experiencing teething right now – what fun!

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