The bad week…

Well not every week has to be fantastic, this week certainly has not been so far. I did a boot sale on Sunday (which was successful) but at the same time really over did it and bought on a major flare up of my HMS so I have been staying with my mum and dad the last few days so I can have some help with Luke as Aaron is in London. Plus I can’t drive much at the moment as i’m taking muscle relaxants.

The little guy has been quite unwell today and has been more sicky than usual and had red cheeks and a red bum so I think the teeth are close to coming, its about time, I had my first tooth at 3 weeks!!! :O

Aaron and I managed to record 10 whole episodes of Ask the Devil so I feel relieved and its also looking really smart with our new set up 🙂

Tomorrow I have a visit from Grandma Naomi so she can see Luke and she is staying until friday then at the weekend I am going for a curry with mum and her girly friends whilst dad babysits Luke 🙂 so that will be nice!

uummmm not much else to report, just enjoying my dads new 3D TV!! its awesome!

Im into cooking recently too, so far have mastered the lemon drizzle and tonight attempted rice pudding, tasted great but was a little dry but i can work on it 😉


3 thoughts on “The bad week…

  1. Love that gorgeous smiley boy of yours bless him:)
    Hopefully you will both feel more like your normal selves soon.
    A good night out with the girls will help yay! Xx

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