OMG it’s Autumn!

I blinked and it was September! Where the blazes has this year gone? January only seems like 5 minutes ago, rushing around, trying to find a dress that would flow over my enormous baby bump! Then getting married at 32 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks later going into premature labour! As if all that wasn’t enough, I wasn’t living with Lukes daddy and Luke was in SCBU for 10 days before he was allowed home, which at the time was my mum and dads house as they were kindly letting me and Luke live there until we found a place (which happened very very quick!)

The 10th March we got the keys to our new house… yes HOUSE a 2 bedroom place with a good size garden and a lovely neighbour in a great little village!

Things are on the up, Luke and I have settled into our house, its all decorated, well, apart from the hallway and I feel like we have a proper family unit now which is nice… but whoa has this year flown by!

Soon it will be Lukes first Halloween, first fireworks and even better first CHRISTMAS!! I’m soooo excited!!

Can’t believe how quick these little terrors grow up! I’m loving it though!

So yeah, il be off to get some Jumpers and warm socks ready for this autumn, i cant wait for the roasted chestnuts in London!

Take care everyone!


4 thoughts on “OMG it’s Autumn!

  1. Imagine how I feel. It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago since I met my hubby and now we have a 6 year old, 3 year old and 3 month old! Time really does fly when you have children and before you know it they’re starting school and becoming independent. Cherish every moment xx

  2. I’ve been living in my house for nearly 4 years now and its still not finished. Were getting there but weve had so much to do. Were ‘in’ property development so you would think we would focus and get the job done, but no.

    Life goes so fast. Ill be 50 tomorrow!

    • Sure does!
      Property development huh? Ive always been interested in that, is it as fun as it looks? I love homes under the hammer lol!!
      Its easy to forget to get around to things for ourselves!
      Had a look at your page btw, love your art šŸ™‚ x

      • Thank you! If you look carefully you may see me and hubby quite a bit on Homes Under the Hammer- were always in the auctions and for some reason they always film us.

        I guess property is fun in some ways but remember that buying a house and making it a home for yourself is GREAT fun, but when it comes to buying property with the sole intention if making money from it is quite different as you need to detach any emotional involvement from it and just do what needs to be done to make it appealing to others and sell it. Lots of people play at it, do it up in a way that appeals to them, spend too much money or bodge it and go bankrupt very quickly… BUT if you do it right, and get a good team together it can be very rewarding.

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