Back to Routine!

Well Daddy has gone home now so it’s just me and Luke for the week and he seems to have got himself into a night routine. I never had one, he slept when he wanted, i could take him out late, I wasn’t strict at all. Now Luke is 6 and a half months old, iv’e noticed he has chosen a bedtime, it’s between 8 and 9pm and if I miss this slot it creates one heck of a grumpy baby!! but also he now occassionally sleeps through the night! it took 6 months but he’s definatly getting there, usually sleeping til 6am with the occasional wake for me to stick the dummy back in!

Oh boy the sick is getting to me! lol I cant dress him in anything nice and also my bedcovers… poor things! He seems more sicky since iv’e been weaning him, hope he grows out of it soon because he has some incredibly cute outfits at the moment and he is coming to a wedding in October!

No sign of actual teeth poking through yet, but still constant dribbling and chewing poor guy!

He seemed to have had a 6 month growth spurt last week and was eating and drinking LOADS but its slowed down now.

He loves watching Pocoyo on the laptop and can stay happily in his jumparoo for up to 20 minutes! great saver for me, i actually managed to get some stuff done today!

So there we have it, a quick update, il leave you with a few photos since the last blog!


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