I had the great opportunity of meeting up with a great new mummy friend of mine and her 3 children, Luke, who is Lukes age and 2 olders kiddies.

Grandma Naomi also came and we had a great day albeit short for Naomi, Luke and I as we had to rush back for Great Grandads birthday party!

Here are some pictures to sum up the fantastic day πŸ™‚

Luke spent most of the day asleep!! haha

Little Lukes fantastic smile!

Kat, Tatty and Kieran!

Grandma Naomi looking after the two Lukes!!

Sweet Chicken noms for lunch!

Don’t think Grandma Naomi liked this very much!

Kieran the Knight! – don’t mess!

Love the Lego pit!!

Waiting for us off the sky ride!

And here’s a few pics from Great Grandads birthday party in the evening!

Yummy party food!

With Great Grandad and Great Grandma before the guests arrived

The birthday cake!

The family!

Great Grandma, Mummy, Cousin Mia and Grandma Naomi!


2 thoughts on “Legoland!

    • Thanks honey, yeah it was really busy, but one of the little boys has a disabled pass so we were able to go via the exits so we missed the queues. There were tons of wasps though! freaked us right out lol
      Was gorgeous weather with the odd sprinkle of rain πŸ™‚ xx

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