Amber Teething Necklace!

I know that these necklaces have become popular in recent times, I was slightly skeptical at first but with friends recommending I try and with a grumpy teething 6 month old I was desperate!

So I have taken the plunge and bought one. Its very cute, baroque colour, light and pretty to look at. The beads are knotted after every bead so that if it was to break, only one bead would come off. Also if swallowed is completely safe and theres next to no risk of choking as the pieces are too small and if was digested would just reappear the other end 😉

How do they work?? Supposidly when worn on the skin your body temperature would warm up the Amber and it releases oils back into the skin, which have healing attributes. They can be worn from young and if the baby starts wearing it from a very young age, will not even realise it is there, so wont be tempted to play with it.

Its not designed to be chewed at all, the pain relief comes from the oils being released.

On the paper it came with the instructions say that its good occassionaly to recharge the necklace in the sunlight. Babies should not wear the necklace at night and only wear it under supervision of an adult, however some people wrap it round babys ankle and hide under a sleepsuit so they can still benefit but cant pull it off.

This is day one of Luke wearing it so I can’t honestly say if its made a difference yet but it does look extremely cute! of course I shall follow up in a week or so with what my verdict on the necklace is!

If you have an experience of them or if your little one wears one, please feel free to share your experience or get in touch!


4 thoughts on “Amber Teething Necklace!

  1. Hello 🙂

    My little girl has an amber anklet as I felt it was safer than a necklace and i don’t need to faff taking it off at night.

    Shes had it a week or so and recently had a tooth break the skin overnight but didn’t wake (she still slept a solid 8 hours!)

    I’m pretty impressed.

    Hers is a mix of clear lemon, opaque butterscotch and clear honey coloured amber beads. Really pretty.

    • ooo that sounds like a good idea!! If the necklace gives Luke some relief then i’l look into an anklet 🙂 was actually thinking of getting a necklace for myself aswell!
      I love the range of colours you can get them in too! do you have a picture of your little girl wearing it?

      • no piccy yet….

        It was so hard to choose, I like all of them but thought lighter would go with her light hair and pale skin. I want one for me too!

        Your little boy looks lovely in his, it really suits him and compliments his lovely hair 🙂

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