Time :O

I cannot believe how quick time is going!! in 3 days Luke is officially 6 months old! He is changing so much! this morning i noticed 2 lumps where his bottom teeth should be so I don’t think it will be long at all until those teeth decide to push through! hopefully it will happen soon as iv’e had a grumpy boy and constant dribble for a good month now!

Mum and dad drove off to Wales for a holiday so I have been chilling at theres, house and grandma sitting! Today Liz and I are going out for some lunch and Liz’s mum is kindly looking after the terror 😛 Then tonight my good friend Nancy is coming over (and Liz too 😉 ) to do some scrapbooking!!! I love crafty things!!

Hopefully they will let me take some photos of them as Im now a bit addicted hehe, I have a model set up too for Aaron and I so i’m looking forward to that!

Legoland with my fellow mummy friend next week! can’t wait! I love meeting fellow mummys I meet online and we get on so well, shame she lives in Kent!

Heres a few more pics from the last few days 🙂


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