A mess and a splash!

We made the mistake of having a bath before the weaning commenced today 😛 but it was fun none the less!

Luke doesn’t in general enjoy baths so I thought i’d change the way I bathed him and he loved it!!

Heres a few pics to prove it!

So he was a happy bunny, well until he had to get out lol!!! Then we headed over to my mums house and me and my grandma had fun watching him try to feed himself with a spoon! It was Hipp Organic sweet potato bake and he actually opened his mouth for it!! He is getting used to the texture now! Look at this mess 😛

and after when he had been cleaned up a bit hehe

I do love my little guy!!! So anyway, we are grandma sitting at mums as they are off to Wales tomorrow!!! then Lukes daddy is here at the weekend and we get our new sofa! it’s all exciting, then we are in London for a week staying at Lukes other grandmas house! busy times!!! Hope everyone is well!


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