Liz’s visit!

My good friend Elizabeth came over tonight with birthday goodies hehe and a pizza to cook, so we did and had a feast while entertaining Luke at the same time, also laughing at Americas got talent!

She got me some lovely goodies in awesome wrapping paper, as she is now into scrapbooking she made me a framed picture of us with Luke at his first England match with toy story background!! eeeeekkkk :0)

She also got me some yummy smelling bubble bath to help me relax and also some goodies for Luke! She bought an awesome little hat which looked so cute we had to take pics!!

We didn’t end up watching much of the film as we ended up chatting away about things as we do lol, I had a nice night 🙂

Heres the pics from this evening!

2 thoughts on “Liz’s visit!

  1. Honestly, THE worst pics of me u could have chosen! Hopefully the good lookin baby will distract peoples attention…. 😉

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