Growth Spurt

My little monkey is coming on leaps and bounds! he’s found his hands and his feet, he can take the dummy from my mouth and pull it out, he just needs to work on his co ordination. He can sit up and balance, not completely but in the tripod position.

I love waking up to the wonderful smiles he gives me, makes the nights easier, he’s such a sweetie, don’t get me wrong, he’s a needy little bugger lol but hes blossoming into a wonderful personality!

His paternal grandma is coming to see him tomorrow and staying the night so that will be nice for him to see her and also for me to get a bath alone 😉

Then his daddy comes back for a whole week! as it’s my birthday on sunday, so we are really looking forward to having him home, maybe he will catch some firsts! he was here for the first laugh which was incredible!

Recently all he has done is sleep! he doesn’t take as much milk as he used too, still not weaning yet, i was worried about the amount of sleep but it must be a 5 month growth spurt. He turns 6 months on 14th August.

So i’m off to tidy the house for the arrival of the MIL tomorrow, signing off 😛


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