The heats gone, the teeth are coming!

Drool drool drool! that’s all my little terror is doing, along with trying to chew and swallow his hands whole! I feel bad for him but those darn teeth are so stubborn! He’s has the 2 front ones feeling sharp for months now, tonight it felt like one had come through a little more and I kind of knew it with the tears and shouting and grumpyness.

Other than bonjela and Calpol im clueless, he’s crashed out on my bed at the moment so I have peace to write this. He doesn’t hold things yet so a teething ring doesn’t really work bless him but i did let him hum a piece of toast earlier which he seemed to enjoy.

He also has been sicky more recently, is this a sign of teething? or maybe a bit of reflux, sometimes it can seem alot that he brings up and even up to 2 hours later!

Im so so glad the weather has calmed down, as beautiful as the sun is shining down, the humidity knocked us for 6 and I sympathise with any mummy dealing with any age children in the heat!

So yeah, not much else going on, we started another youTube channel

Il be vlogging occasionally on there as well as documenting L growing up!

Iv’e ‘met’ some lovely clued up ladies the last few days, so thank you for sharing your experiences from bathing to baby led weaning! You guys I can tell will be my mummy rock!

So signing off, and going for a nap 😉

Oh and my little man is 22 weeks old!


2 thoughts on “The heats gone, the teeth are coming!

  1. I know this is going to sound all hippy, but think about an amber teething necklace. Squishy has one, got her first 2 teeth this week &, aside from a phenomenal amount of dribble, has been fine. Also teething powders (Ashton & Parsons, or Nelsons do them) and the homeopathy remedy chamomilla. Teething sucks, but with these we didn’t need calpol for The boy till he started getting molars which are evil!

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