Catch Up!!

Wow, it would seem I haven’t blogged in a while! my appologies!!

Luke is now 5 months old!!!! and beginning to know his mind, hence the crying more but also interacting more which I love. He hasn’t been so great in the heat, mostly sleeping and feeding but thats ok as i think the heat will calm down now, it’s certainly more cooler today!

My good friend Nancy came over and helped me organise things and make my bedroom more of a sanctuary and now I love it! she made a scrapbooking page for my wall (technically cupboard door lol!)

Here is a pic of the fun way to show of a picture 🙂

So a big thanks Nanny! and also for the yummy lunch you prepared 🙂


Aaron and I hosted our first ever BBQ as a ‘housewarming/party’ we had to keep to small numbers and our house is teeny but we had some amazing friends come and we all had alot of fun, including making a very drunken vlog that , once heavily edited will be on our YouTube page!

Heres a few pics from our amazing night!

so again a huge thankyou to Aaron, Ellie, Rhian, Michael, Mark and Marc for making an evening incredible, you guys rock!

My mum turned 25 again on the 30th June, and the following friday we went to a Curry house which was very tasty!

Here are a few pics from the meal 🙂

oh and Il leave you with a couple of pics of Luke I also took this week!


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