Baby Looks! 18 Week Photoshoot

Little Luke is growing ever so fast and its been the first time I have been able to photograph him on his tummy but smiling! he was a little gem and here are my favourites, there are a few so bare with me!

First of all, here are the first bunch, wearing a sleepsuit.

And then some all baby cuteness in just the nappy 🙂

All the photos were taking just with my phone which im proud of as some of them look great!

In other news, the wii fit recins Luke weighs 14lbs… and he had his 3rd lot of injections today which he cried then promptly fell asleep again! he is enjoying daddy time as Aaron has been here a few days!

Lukes granma and grandad looked after him on sunday so Aaron and I could go to Alton Towers so that was fun 🙂

Better run, Aarons building a BBQ and i need to do some gardening!

Chow 😉


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