The Week Alone

As Aarons not here Iv’e been incredibly fortunate that some of my lovely friends pop over to see me! Ive had a good week so far having my friends around. First of is Julie ‘AKA’ BoBo, I  hadn’t seen her since I had a 4D scan at 26 weeks pregnant! She had gone on holiday to Australia then as she was working shifts and living in Southampton it was hard to find time to suit us both… but she had 2 days off and the night before decided she would drive up! We went out for dinner and as usual, had a right laugh! Heres the pics!

Then the lovely Amy has been over a few times, Luke hasn’t been all that well and is either teething or had a bug but hes been whiny and cries alot, been hot to touch and not drinking much…. so Amy came over to give me some support which was cool. Here’s a few pics from her visits.

And this morning we had some getting dressed fun 🙂 i’l leave you with a few hehehe.


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