The First England Match.

Now i’m no football fan, never have been, don’t really enjoy the game to be honest, don’t understand it yet I do support our country and hope they win even if I don’t follow the game.

Today I wasn’t feeling great and my friends Amy and Liz turned up at my door with pizza, fed me then hushed me out of the house with Luke to first of all see Amys mum who loves Luke to bits then to Liz’s for a pre match BBQ, we didn’t actually get much of the BBQ as we were late but it didn’t really matter, the sun was shining and it was nice sitting in the garden with Luke.

What I have learnt is that small babies and football do not mix!! The gang in the living room donned in England shirts with air horns and clackers and loud voices, generally having a great time celebrating the opening goal did not go down too well with my 4 month old bundle who was frightened to death bless him!! so we left half way into the game as I didn’t want him getting any more spooked.

We enjoyed however, taking pictures of Luke with the flag near him and the England hat too, he may decide when he’s older that he loves football, neither Aaron or I follow the footie at all so growing up there wont be much in the ways of it on our Tv but likewise its his choice (what I personally don’t like is the hooliganism that comes with it!)

Here are a few of the pics we took 🙂

Its also good to know that I have 2 friends that will drag me out when im feeling depressed, granted it took them a bit, I was reluctant to go but it was good to get fresh air and see people, get some good pics too.

I feel like the 3 of us are really good friends and who doesn’t like having their friends randomly drop round with dominoes to make you feel better.

Anyway, the score was England 1 – USA 1, the next match I think is friday, Aaron will be here and i’m sure we will be watching a film instead, lol you don’t even need to watch the game if you have facebook or twitter hahahaha

Night all!


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