04-06-10 <3 Freya

The 4th June was mine and Aarons 3rd year anniversary, we had a nice chilled day together after I had a nice LUSH bath with a new bathbomb! We had some things to do at the bank and grabbed dad some fresh Rosemary for his dinner before heading over to mums to drop it off.

In Asda Luke was fast asleep on me, I carried him round the shop like this and he nearly killed my back but it was so cute I couldn’t put him down!!

It may have been because of the heat or just tiredness but he was a grump the whole day!

Aaron got a few good snaps of us with Luke whilst we were at mums.

In the evening we managed to aquire a second fluffly lovechild, an 8 week old female kitten who we have named FREYA, to go with LOKI. She is living with me and Loki will live with Aaron until he moves up to us then we will all be one family and i believe Loki and Freya will get on fine.

It’s also true that you don’t chose cats, they choose you.  Freya wouldnt stop looking at me! very adorable, she makes Luke look like a giant!

Here are a few pictures of our ‘anniversary kitty’!

Luke looks HUGE compared to Freya!

I am aware it will be alot of care me looking after Luke AND a new kitten but I believe homes should have cats, iv’e always had one, they seem to de-stress you!

My lovely husband wrote a 3 year anniversary vlog on his youTube channel about our time together etc.. check it out 🙂


Right, Aarons in the other room editing, Lukes asleep and Freya is in the kitchen. My eyes are going ¬¬

Will write again soon, take care!!


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