Just a few days..

Just really wanted to upload the few pics I had taken of Luke in the last few days. We really hadn’t been up to much after the Suffolk Show, mum and dad kindly babysat last night so we could go to the cinema for our 3 year anniversary, we saw The Losers, which i actually enjoyed, in no way did i think i would!! lol

The popcorn was deliciously salty, the popcorn maker person 😉 should be congratulated, i do love a good batch of salt popcorn! oooooo and another thing, why on gods earth did that old woman go through on BGT – the worlds gone coocoo!

Well thats enough fun for now! well this morning I also awoke to find Luke had done a massive turn in his cot and ended up like this……

Well im off to enjoy my 3 year Anniversary with Aaron, was this time in 2007 that we began ‘going out’, now we have a house, are married and have a gorgeous little man to show for our love, enjoy your day guys!


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