Bank Holiday Monday

The weather has been on and off today so we have stayed in. Last night, Luke seemed quite unwell, he screamed and cried for 2-3 hours non stop, nothing soothed him, we tried everything, we got worried as in his 15 weeks on Earth he has never had an episode like this so we thought he was ill so I called the NHS Direct just to be safe, they said it could have been a number of things poor guy, we do know he has a sharp tooth trying to appear on his upper gums and he has been dribbling alot.

After a while he had screamed himself to sleep, this was about 10:30pm so we just left him in the cot, we didnt want to risk waking him for a bottle if he was to start screaming again, but he managed to settle.

Today he’s been grizzly but nothing like last night thank goodness!! We chilled out and I watched some League of Gentlemen and also trolled Chatroulette as a giant bear πŸ˜‰

Luke had his first experience of grass today, here are a few pictures from the garden.

Then Lukes grandma was getting ready to go out all glammed up so I managed to get a nice pic of them together.

Everyone was then out and Luke and I were left alone for some mummy/baby bonding, he cracks me up!!

Enough stimulation for one day, my little guy is now zonked out on the sofa!

We are now waiting for Daddy to get home from work so we can go to IKEA quickly then drive back to Suffolk to sleep in our own bed! YAY!! But before I end this post, here’s a pic of our fluffy ‘other child’ Loki the cat πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Monday

  1. Haha his faces are just priceless!!
    Aaw he’s so Diddy and cute on the grass just so AAAW. I’m glad he’s not as Ill as I first thought he might be, this is a good sign! This is a great way to keep us updated pixie!!

    My favourite bit was when you mentioned trolling in a beat outfit πŸ˜›

    can’t wait for the next one!!

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