The Start of a new Blog!

I’m never very good at keeping blogs going so I’m desperate to achieve this now! lol as most of you know I vlog occasionally but here I can share my day to day with you guys.

A quick background to kick off..

Im 25 years old, 26 in August and have been married to my husband Aaron since 01.02.2010 but been together since the 4th June 2007 (making it our 3 year anniversary on friday!)

On our wedding day i was 32 weeks pregnant with our son, Luke Ashley, he made a hasty appearance 2 weeks later on Valentines day of all days! and its special as he has a cute birthmark on his head in the shape of a heart! So that was the most perfect first wedded valentines day ever!

He spent 10 days in SCBU and came home fighting fit but teeny on the 24th February 2010.

His birth weight was 5lb 10oz, which was actually a really good birth weight for a 34 weeker!! so all the takeaways helped 😉

He’s the most precious little thing ever, has very blonde hair – not much yet!! and his eyes are going hazel like mine, kind of grey/blue with a teeny hint of brown like his daddys.

He is a very expressive looking baby but also has the most heartwarming beaming smile!

I look forward to sharing his childhood years with you all 🙂


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