Introducing Luke Ashley – Birth – 3 Months

I would like to share with you all the first photos of my lovely son, this one was taken just after he was born, about 1 minute old with his cord still attached. I took it with my Iphone.

these were taken in SCBU after I was reunited with him about an hour after birth. He was so peaceful and as it was bout 5am the lights really helped me get some fantastic photos to remember.

We then spent 10 long days in SCBU as Luke was unwell and had a chest infection, here are some memories from there.

Daddy dressing a tiny baby. Daddy was better with handling him than mummy was to start with!

Here he was having a sunbed session for his Jaundice, check out the cool shades! we got to keep them too!

Such an innocent little man, the staff all adored him!

With daddys wedding ring on showing just how small his fingers were!

A proud daddy bringing home his little boy after 10 days in hospital!

This was newborn size and it drowned him!

Curled up like a doll in mummys arms.

Just 2 weeks old, this picture is just too cute!

3 Weeks old in his tiny baby size outfit.

A special first Mothers Day aged 4 weeks!

5 Weeks old!

6 Weeks old smiling in his sleep

7 Weeks old with Uncle Mark at the Videoshoot!

8 Weeks old, first trip on the London Eye with mummy and daddys friends!

9 Weeks old, relaxing on daddy!

10 Weeks old, first Proper smiles!

11 Weeks old with Grandma Naomi on her visit to Suffolk!

12 Weeks old with mummy!

So there you have it, the first 3 months documented into pictures, there are soooo many pictures it was hard to choose but these are some of my favourites! I hope you enjoyed looking at them all 🙂


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