Bank Holiday Weekend!

So on saturday, Luke and I travelled into London, we were supposed to be meeting up with someone in the evening so came in with Lukes daddy on the train quite early in the morning

We waited whilst he was working. He got to meet alot of mummy and daddys friends who work for the London Eye and also the Kodak man, Tommy gave him a free camera so we were having fun!!

The weather was actually awful! so Luke and I went up on the London Eye!! we got a small capsule, just with 3 others and they were kind enough to take this picture for us.

We then headed over to the London Sea Life Centre as it was still raining and we had a while to wait until daddys lunch!!

Here’s a pic of Luke chilling out with the fish! (The sound is almost like a lullaby and I was struggling to stay awake too!!

The person we were meant to be meeting up with was a no show in the end but it wasn’t a wasted day as Luke got to meet alot of his London Eye family of honorary aunts and uncles! Aunty Jodie even got to witness a nappy from hell lol.

When daddy finished work we walked over to Covent Garden and went in daddys favourite shop, Cybercandy! then all 3 of us headed back home to rest our achy feet ( : O)

Luke was so tired bless him that he fell asleep in the bath! we couldn’t believe it!

That was the end of saturday.


Today has been very relaxed, daddy went off to work and me and Luke just chilled out together, the sun was shining , lovely, clothes swaying on the washing line… only to be ruined by the sound of the builders making a racket whilst doing Grandma Naomis front steps. Oh well.

Luke and I went to sit out in the garden with Naomi and she had a nice cuddle.. until, cue the projectile vomit, not only down himself but down her also, was such a classic moment but at that point i disapointedly didnt have my camera to hand! so i missed it! doh!

We did however get a few snaps of us three, here you go.

This is such a boys face it makes me laugh!

With his Grandma Naomi after he threw up over her lol hence the nakeyness.

This makes me laugh! the wind blew and scared him the moment i took the picture! poor guy!

HAHAHA my little grump ❤

And the last one from the bunch, excuse the milky spit ;0)

Hope everyone else is enjoying the glorious sunday sunshine! , write very soon! (I have a hoard of backed up posts!)


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