Auntie Kimbos Birthday Meal!

Luke hasn’t been able to see his Auntie Kimbo much yet ( my godmother) and friday the 28th happened to be her birthday so we were lucky enough to meet up with her to celebrate on the thursday and so she could have a squidge!

We were staying at Aarons mums house in North London so Kimbo drove over to meet us and we took a stroll looking for a place to eat in the local villiage.

We ¬†decided on an all you can eat Chinese buffet, cooked fresh to order. On first impressions we wern’t overly impressed and the menu looked a bit cheap but the reality was the food was delicious and fresh, the service was fantastic and friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. We definatly had a nice dinner and ate LOADS lol!!

Here are a few pictures from after our meal ( :

We had a great time ( : always do! hope you had a great birthday Auntie Kimbo! Love you!


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